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Providing Expert Bathroom Renovation Services in the Adelaide region


Prestige bathrooms renovations Adelaide.  We believe we are the best re-modelers and designers around. We will help bring your dream to life. Our renovation specialists will help you plan the remodeling from start to finish.

Its important for you as a valued client that you are assured in  our professional approach and our Craftsmanship. (Check out our award winning bathroom here)

You can rest assured that your newly modeled luxury restroom will be spacious and easy to use. Having a functional space as well as an elegant bathroom are both important aspects to consider in your renovation . A luxury design should be unique to you and your family. There are many themes to consider such as Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Rustic, Industrial and more.

Your designs and tastes will be discussed with our consultants when you arrange your free no obligation quote with us here at Prestige bathroom remodeling. We assist you in selecting color schemes and elements that suit both your budget and your creative ideas.

Our industry experience has enabled us to build complete Grand scale luxury designs, down to the budget conscious as well. We also keep ahead of innovations and energy saving technologies that come into the market. Plan a visit to our bathroom showroom in Adelaide by contacting us here.

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“Just like to say thanks to Zach and team from Prestige Bathroom renovations Adelaide, Great job on our bathroom renovation. Great shop to visit as well to get your ideas. Plenty of tiles to select and showers-heads…. Highly recommend. Ana



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We Provide Expert Bathroom Renovation Services Throughout Adelaide


Prestige bathroom renovations Adelaide have been offering house remodeling for many years  offering high quality, professional bathroom improvements. Since 1989 we have been providing solutions to homeowners in and around Adelaide. We are fully-licensed in the City of Adelaide , Adelaide hills and surrounding regions, licensed insured and guaranteed quality.

We have customers who are your regular home owners. They may require fresh and modern bathrooms. Any renovation should use designs that are modern with matching colors with products that are easy to use and energy efficient.

Dealing directly with us will provide benefits as we have wholesale prices available  via our showroom. With your selections at our showroom we will come up with some great designs. At our bathroom showroom you can see a  range of tiles, vanities and cabinets, tap-ware, free standing baths, showers and shower-screens and more.

There are hundreds of selections to choose from to make your bathroom and shower room distinctly your own with our guidance.

We are proud at Prestige to offer you restorations and repair services.We an provide expert design assistance with all your renovation ideas.

Prestige Bathroom Renovations in South Australia  also do house re-modelling and we offer exquisite designs and functionality that make your bathroom the unique place that is worthy to be in your house.

We have 25 years of combined  experience in property shower rooms as well as house remodeling. Our knowledge of homes inside is extensive, especially bathrooms and restrooms. We take care of every facet of your shower room improvement from developing to aiding you pick the very best item such as:

  • Free standing baths,
  • showers and shower screens,
  • tiles,
  • vanities.
  • tap ware,
  • even selection of paint colours.

We help you make the choices that make your bathroom stand out for you.

Your bathroom is a part of the whole house and should be integrated with the design and function of your home. So no matter if its a small bathroom or part of a much larger project we are here to help.

Once you start down the bathroom renovation process you may want to address the rest of your home as well. We will make sure the bathroom design fits in with the overall plan and design for the rest of your home.

Zach and Rocco are licensed industry professionals along with the rest of the team contracted in to do any work.

The makeover we create for you will have that contemporary modern feel, or if you choose a traditional look. Either way it will look just awesome. You should know updating your bathroom will also add value to your home.

We are both licensed and insured along with our tradesman so you can be safe in knowing your bathroom will last for many years.

Budget and spending

We work with your budget and the components required to make your bathroom look great. Listening to our clients ideas is really important to us to help build their ideas  into the overall design. We want to build a long lasting relationship with you. Visiting our showroom would be a great option to help you decide on colours and elements.

A washroom that just looks good is not the only thing. You need to have both plumbing and electrical connections in the appropriate places, so bear this in mind when you are in the planning process. Moving the connections will add extra costs to your budget.

Also bear in mind some older homes may need additional updating of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes to come into line with modern certifications. We can assist you in identifying those issues if they arise.

You may wish to simply do a small simple renovation by removing your bath and just adding a shower screen. Additionally adding safety rails  for the elderly or disabled. We can design bathrooms for the disabled persons requirements that can include wheel chair access or shower benches. We will work out with you what those requirements need to be and work within an appropriate price range. Typically any quality bathroom installed by professionally licensed builders and tradesman will start at the $15,000 price range.

No matter whether you are after a full restoration for your bathroom, ensuite and laundry or just a bathroom we are here ready for you. Give us a call for a FREE Quote.

PRESTIGE Bathroom renovations Adelaide

Accessibility for handicapped people with  Barrier-Free designs. Restroom Re-modelings as well as RAMP installments

  • Barrier-Free shower rooms. Design build and install.
  • Flexibility, safety and security
  • Mobility access made easy for walkers and wheelchairs
  • We assist you with your RAMP installation
  • See our “Blog” for other information as well


How much does a bathroom renovation cost?


Budgeting and pricing is an important aspect of your home renovation.  Below is a guide to assisting you.

  •  Top quality bathrooms start from $15,000 to $20,000 -$40,000
  • Prices will always vary subject to your budget

If you want to try without the professionals a basic DIY renovations can start at $5,000 – This will be a general cosmetic makeover. Just remember if its not done by a professional, it will be hard to get any insurance if something goes wrong.

We here at Prestige bathroom renovations Adelaide look after all our clients needs.


Do you provide quotes over the phone?

We are unable to provide quotes over the phone as each project is completely different. You can refer to the FAQ about pricing for a basic guideline on what to expect.

Coming up with your perfect design requires time, that is why we are happy to arrange a free no obligation sit down time with you and work out a quote that suits your budget.

How much does an initial consultation cost?


We offer free initial consultations to make sure we are the perfect fit for your project.

How long will my bathroom renovation take?

Depending on the project it could take as little as 1 week or up to 8 weeks. Each project varies depending on whether its a small or large bathroom and or a budget restroom or high end designed remodeling project.

Do You Take Care of The Whole Project?

Our team takes the headaches out of your project by taking care of everything for you.

Want to manage the project yourself?

You will need to hire a whole range of contractors to get the job done and it can be extremely stressful.

Contractors You May Need To Hire If Doing This Yourself

Architects: An Architect is important when it comes to larger renovations and council approvals. Having your design laid out precise and clear for the builders to follow.

Carpenters and Cabinet Makers: These guys install any custom designed vanities and cabinets as well as other elements made from timber such as shelving or even french doors.

Electricians: They will assist in power points heating and lighting, ventilation and other components Painters: They will paint areas that are not tiled. This will need to be done with moisture and waterproof paint.
Plumbers: Make sure you choose a well qualified plumber.
Tilers: We are experience in this one. Selecting a great tiler and tiles will make your bathroom stand out. The grouting colour is an important part of this. Ensuring your bathroom is waterproofed properly is a must.

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