Award winning bathrooms


We recently completed this beautifully designed bathroom renovation. This bathroom has wonderful styling that embodies how high end Award winning bathrooms should look.


Wall to wall tiles

wall to wall tiles

These wall to wall tiles have made this bathroom exquisite as we’re sure you would agree.


Twin mirrors

Twin mirrors have been added to provide that duel functionality for 2 people in the bathroom at the same time. Assuming of course the mirrors don’t fog up.


Twin basins

twin basins

The twin basins create the design flow in the award winning bathroom assisting in its elegance and functionality.


Twin shower heads

twin shower heads

Twin shower heads were added as  unique component, allowing for that extra luxury for the clients using this.


Shower screen

shower screen

The shower screen chosen was to help showcase the overall space in this high end bathroom, allowing the elegance and styling of the bathroom to be admired on both sides of the shower.


Free Standing bath

free standing bath tub

The white free standing bath allows the freedom of the bathroom space to come alive. This allows for space and cleaning capability as well.


Mirrors and  Lighting

mirror lighting

The warm lights added around these twin mirrors speak for itself. These lights create and added dimension and warmth to this unique bathroom design and renovation.


Custom designed vanity

award winning bathrooms

When design are selected there must be a range of criteria that it meets. The vanity is one of those criteria.

The vanity must be designed to accommodate the overall design of the bathroom and enhance the function required of it with the additional components of basins sinks and tap-wear.

Panorama of our Award Winning bathrooms layout


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