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Planning your showroom visit is really the exciting part. Turning your dream bathroom into a reality. International design to local Australian designs and products. Prestige bathrooms provide a great selection of products for your high end bathroom design. Don’t be limited by your own imagination allow us to help expand beyond your ideas. Visit our local bathroom showroom to view the wonderful range of products we have available. Better still book in a time with Zach who will be only too helpful in sitting and planning with you. we have the best bathroom showroom in Adelaide. If you traveling around the Adelaide, North Adelaide area give us a call and pop into our bathroom display centre.


Best Bathroom showroom Adelaide


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Touch and feel

Having a hands on experience with the taps is the best way to find out what you like both in design and colour.

My toilet Selection

Selecting a toilet seat that suits you best. Take a seat “No Pun intended”. Different shapes and sizes. Visit out Blog on Toilet history here.

Bath test

Have a lounge around in one of our baths to get a feel for what you are after. Perfect bathtub requires selection,

Shower head selection

Finding the right shower with the right amount of power with a range of different options is the way to go. You might like to have the shower head lit up or twin shower heads. Water pressure testing and various spray patterns provide another level of design for you.

Visiting our showroom to select these different elements is the important part of researching.


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