Bathroom Cabinets Adelaide

Bathroom Cabinets Adelaide


Organizing your restroom storage is an important part of planning out your bathroom. Here at Prestige bathrooms we offer a wide range of storage options. We have free standing and wall mounted bathroom cabinets that will be suitable for the remodeling project you are working on.


Freestanding Cabinets

The free-standing cupboard has the major part of its weight resting on the floor

  • Over-the-Toilet: There is space above your toilet that can be utilized creatively. This is great use of space.
  • Tower Cabinets: rest against the wall with minimal floor space used….this is ideal if your bathroom is small and there isn’t a lot of room for storage


Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets are ideal to organize some order in the bathrooms.

  • Mirrored doors: Mirrored doors on a small cabinet can provide a brighter experience and option to find things you may have misplaced.
  • A medicine chest-style cabinet is important as we all need somewhere to store our potions.
  • Glass Doors: A glass door is another option that allows easy viewing
  • Other options available in our showroom include wooden doors tp provide for privacy.


Solve Storage issues with Style and Stash your Stuff out of sight


Providing good storage in your bathroom creates an organised space for you when you need it.

Don’t be stranded without a towel or toilet paper any longer. Create valuable space with simple ideas. Add a shelf for more surface space.

Perhaps add some other furniture items as well that have hidden shelf’s inside of them. YOU can add your candles and soft items and fancy jars to any of this storage space.

Be smart and add some vertical space with toilet racks or wall mounted shelves.

A pretty display can be created with a freestanding linen cupboard as well.

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Perhaps you have a larger family and need more storage space for each person. A corner storage unit would be ideal for this. Each family member can have a spot for themselves.

A more modern idea is to have a recessed cabinet that is set into the wall, creating a seamless modern look.

Do you want to hide you electrical appliances? We have cabinets that can have the electrical plug inside. With added LED lights all your things can be kept out of site.

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