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Ensuite Renovations Adelaide

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Ensuite Renovations Adelaide by Prestige Bathrooms, you can be sure that both your residential and commercial en suite renovations will meet the current industry standards. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge and expertise on various en suite bathroom renovations designs available, so that we can pro-actively provide all our clients with the best their money can buy.

By definition, an en suite bathroom is located in the bedroom of a residential or commercial building like a hotel. For a residential building, it is usually located in the master bedroom of the home and therefore needs to be made as comfortable and as aesthetic as possible, by using high quality wall, floor, and bathroom fittings to make it refreshingly comfortable and also to ensure that it is safe and aesthetically pronounced.

Safety Comes First!

We ensure that your en suite bathrooms are renovated with the use of safe materials and fittings that will protect you from incidents and accidents while you are washing up and grooming. The floor materials used will have adequate grip to prevent accidental slips and falls, they will also consist of materials that allow you to walk comfortably on a wet floor without entertaining any fear of slips.

The anti-slip floors all extend to the shower room, and if a bathtub is required, then the bathtub itself will have adequate floor grips as well, so that you can stand up, and exit the bathtub without losing your footing.

What Type Of Renovation Do You Desire?

If your bedroom does not come with an en-suite bathroom, our renovation experts will help you in carving out an en suite bathroom, by providing you with architectural and structural designs that will not only provide your bedroom with an additional bathroom, but will also have the structural integrity needed to avoid collapse and structural failure giving a great remodel of your home.

Apart from a complete remodeling of your bedroom to accommodate an en suite bathroom, we also carry out partial renovations to include a change of wall, floor, and bathroom materials and fittings, as well as a restructuring of the plumbing and electrical systems in the en-suite bathroom. Perhaps you require a renovations for your business as well. Please visit us here for your commercial requirements.


Ensuite renovations Adelaide

We Are Always On Time!

As one of the most experienced and reliable small ensuite bathroom renovation experts in the Adelaide and Adelaide hills areas, we take pride in meeting tight deadlines. You can be sure that your en suite renovation will be done as quickly as possible to ensure that you can start making the use of the bathroom in the shortest possible time.

For commercial buildings, such as; hotels, this is essentially important, as every day their en suite bedroom is not in use, you lose money. We understand the need for speed in the execution of all projects, and we endeavor to complete all renovation work within the specified time given.

You do not have to worry about complaints for additional time, except as a result of issues that are completely out of our control and direct influence, such as; an act of nature or force majeure; other than these you are rest assured of a highly mobile renovation service delivery from us.

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“Excellent job on our ensuite renovation thanks to Zach and Tony,  Great shop to visit as well to get your ideas. Awesome selection of tiles  and baths to choose from…. Will tell our friends.John and Kath

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